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We would love for all our guests to have the best possible time at our resort. In order to achieve this, we have to implement

The Terms & Conditions set out below, which is there to protect you and your family, as well as others, our environment, and to keep our resort functional.

All visitors will, upon entry, get a copy of Westvaal Holiday Resort’s TERMS & CONDITONS, which they will be required to sign and agree to.

Upon signing these rules, you agree to ensure that any guests traveling with you, are also made aware of these rules, and have to take responsibility that they will abide by them.

Our Terms and Conditions


Westvaal Holiday Resort and its management accepts no responsibility for any deaths, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any person, or theft, loss or damage to any property, occurring within or arising from a visit to the resort howsoever caused and or arising from the use of any facility. In the event that the occurrence of such deaths, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any person, or theft, loss or damage to any property, can be attributed to any circumstances beyond the businesses reasonable control. Senior management may strictly limit the number of day visitors and are not obliged to offer reasons for their decision.

The right of admission is reserved.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

A 50% deposit within 48 hours after making a booking, secures your reservation. If your deposit is not received within this time, your reservation will be canceled by our system.


On cancellation by guests, the following policy prevails:

  • 31 Days or more – Guests forfeit 10% of full Reservation Value, or have the option to make a change to the reservation date once
  • 7-31 Days – Guests forfeit 50% of full Reservation Value, or have the option to change their reservation date once.
  • Less than 7 Days – Guests forfeit 100% of full Reservation Value
  • No Show / Early Departure – Guests responsible for full Reservation Value

Visitors who are instructed / requested to leave the resort due to misbehavior i.e. not adhering to the rules of the resort, will forfeit 100% of full Reservation Value

All refunds are subject to re-letting of units - refunds will be at management's discretion.

General Terms and Conditions

  2. Deposits must be paid and emailed to info@westvaalresort.co.za, within 48 hours after your booking. Any booking not confirmed with proof of payment will be deemed as canceled by the following day
  3. Check in after 14h00 and check out at 11h00.
  4. Units will be inspected upon arrival and departure - all breakages will be paid for prior to departure
  5. We do not have control over power failures, mechanical failures due to Eskom or weather conditions. We do not have a back-up generator on site.
  6. Visitors are allowed between 07:00 and 19:00 only and will have to pay the normal Day Visitors rate
  7. Please do not feed the monkeys. Various snake species like Rinkals form part of our habitat, please avoid them at all times, Report any sightings to management
  8. All equipment is used at your own risk and the resort will not accept liability for theft, damage or injury to any person or personal belongings
  9. Small pets will be allowed, but only under the conditions set out below ``Rules regarding Pets``
  10. Adults, please take responsibility for the safety and well being of your children. Please do not leave young children unattended - please accompany them to the swimming area, river, park area, ablution facilities, as well as any other areas
  11. The speed limit on the farm road is 30 km/h, and in the resort 10 km/h. Please respect and value the lives of our children and our wildlife. Anyone exceeding these limits or who drives carelessly, will be requested to leave his vehicle outside the resort.
  12. Staff members have specific duties to perform and cannot carry out their duties if hindered in any way. Under no circumstances are visitors allowed to give alcohol to our staff. Staff members accepting alcohol from visitors, will be subject to disciplinary action, so please do not put them in this situation.
  13. The person that receives and signs these terms and conditions, undertakes to bring it to the attention of all the members of his/her group


  • No fire arms
  • No fireworks
  • No eating or drinking is allowed inside the pool. No glass bottles around the pool area. Please DO NOT LITTER - bins are provided
  • Quad bikes will not be allowed to drive around in the resort - only in the veld
  • Abusive behaviour and excessive drinking is not allowed. Liquor and food is limited
    to your living units and may not be taken into the pool or bar area
  • No fires are allowed anywhere but in the fireplaces provided
  • No dead branches or trees may be used for firewood. Wood is available at the shop.
  • Littering will lead to an instruction to vacate the property
  • Please respect your fellow guests - NO LOUD MUSIC. The camp site must be quiet from 10 pm.
  • No bachelor's or any other parties allowed in the resort. We do not allow reservations for accommodation for bacholers parties at all. Special arrangements may however be made for kiddies parties during daytime, and only at a space allocated by management.

Other Specific Rules

Rules Regarding Pets

Smaller breed pets are welcome, but only under these strict rules:

  1. Doggy's inauculations MUST be up to date - bring along his / her inoculation certificate - NO exceptions! This is for your own doggie's safety, as well as those of others.
  2. Doggy must not disturb other guests - if this happens, we might need to ask doggy to be taken home.
  3. Clean up where they mess, or you will be fined. No one appreciates stepping in doggy-doo!
  4. Doggy must be kept on a leash while outside

Rules Regarding Resort Owned Accommodation

  1. Please bring along your own towels, linen, heaters and fans. We do not supply bedding - only fitted sheets.
  2. No mattresses are allowed to be used outside cabins / caravans
  3. Mattresses which are damaged due to bed wetting, soiling etc. , will be charged for. Children are not allowed to use mattresses as trampolines
  4. The contents of cabins / caravans are not allowed outside, and may not be swapped or moved amongst cabins / caravans
  5. Please report any kind of damages you find in or outside the cabin / caravan within 20 mins after arrival
  6. Do not replace breakages with equipment of your own. Please pay the applicable breakage price at reception - we will replace the items ourselves.
  7. Dishes not washed before departure will result in a R100.00 penalty
  8. Fire extinguishers are placed in the cabins for your safety - please do not allow children to play with them
  9. No smoking inside our cabins or caravans

Campsite Rules

  1. Staying at our campsite means that you accept our Camping Rules and abide by them. Any violation of our Camping Rules may lead to eviction from the campsite.
  2. Camping is all about consideration for your co-campers - please treat everyone with the same respect you expect from them.
  3. Please pitch your tent, caravan, motorhome or camping trailer within the campsite allocated to you. Please do not exceed the designated boundaries.
  4. No littering will be tolerated. Bins are provided through-out the campsite
  5. No loud music will be allowed at all. We expect the campsite to be completely quiet after 10pm - this does not only concern music, but also loud conversations. Please bear in mind that the river amplifies every little sound, and especially swearing, can be extremely disturbing to your neighbour. Remember that your tent, as well as theirs, is paper-thin
  6. No fires will be allowed on the ground - we have electric cabling and waterlines through-out the campsite, and you will be fined if we find any evidence of ground fires. Braais are available in the campsite. Braaing may only take place under the supervision of an adult. Do not leave any fire unattended until it has gone out completely.
  7. Each camper is responsible for his/her own possessions. The
    management can not be held responsible for theft or damages to any property belonging to campers. If you see anyone suspicious on the campsite, please report it to reception immediately.
  8. You are allowed to receive visitors, as long as arrangements are made prior to their arrival. They need to pay the applicable day visitor fee, and be out by 7pm, when our gates close. Visitors leaving after 7pm, will pay overnight fees. In peak seasons, they might be requested to park their cars in an allocated parking area.
  9. Anyone causing damage to our trees, plants, shrubs, fences or camping facilities will be held financially responsible.
  10. Do not do anything that might spoil the neatness, hygiene or appearance of the campsite. Please leave your campsite and our ablution facilities as you found them, and kindly immediately report any problems to reception or to 073 489 1647.



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