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Got a question? You’re not the only one! See how we answered the most common questions regarding Westvaal Holiday Resort.

Here you’ll find information about our resort, our experiences and protocols, currently in place.

This list of questions will be adapted on a regular basis, to keep you informed with the most current and useful information, as requested by prospective guests.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail, phone or Whatsapp, if any of your questions have not been answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What times do your gates open and close?

Low Season - 1 May to 31 July:
08h00 - 18h00

Mid & High Season - 1 August to 30 April:
07h00 - 19h00

What are your arrival and departure times for overnight guests?

Check In: 14h00 | Check Out: 12h00

Check In: 14h00 | Check Out: 11h00

What is your entry fee for day visitors ?

Day visitors rates:

R60 per adult 17yrs +
R40 per pensioner 60yrs +
R40 per child aged 2 to 16
Children under 2 - FREE

No busses allowed

We might limit day visitor access when necessary, as our overnight guests always get preference to use our facilities

Gates open: 7am to 6pm

Are you pet-friendly ?

We do allow pets, but only under these conditions:

•We only allow small breed dogs (lap dogs). No large breed dogs are allowed, except for certified service dogs.
•No pets allowed in any of our units - only in the campsite area with your own tent or caravan.
•No more than two small dogs allowed per campsite. No dogs allowed in our units at all.
•Your pet's inoculations must be up to date. This is for your own dog's safety, as well as those of others.
•Your dog must not be allowed to disturb other guests - if this happens, we might need to ask doggy to be taken home.
•Please clean up where they mess, or you will be fined. No one appreciates stepping in doggy-doo!
•Dogs must be kept on a leash while outside - please keep in mind that there might be other dogs around, including our friendly resort dogs.

Do you have electricity in your ablutions, cabins and at your campsites ?

Yes! We have hot and cold water in our ablutions, and all our cabins and campsites are equipped with electricity

What do I do when my arrival is past closing time of the reception ?

Our gates are locked at night, for the safety of our guests. Prior arrangement need to be made with Reception, if you need to enter or leave after 7pm. If no prior arrangements are made, there will be a charge of R100 per entry or departure, as we will need to get staff in after hours to open gates. Please note that NO LATE NIGHT ARRIVALS will be accepted, as this disturbs other sleeping guests.

Can I host my event or function at Westvaal Holiday Resort ?

Yes, you can host your event or function at Westvaal Holiday Resort! However, it will depend on the group size and the dates. We consider all event requests, but they must ensure the comfort and tranquility of our overnight guests. Please contact us with the details of your event, and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities.

Do you offer long term camping ?

Yes, we do offer long-term camping! Rates depend on the number of guests, including adults, pensioners, and children. The duration of your stay and the specific dates will also influence the pricing. Long-term guests will be allocated specific campsites, each equipped with a prepaid electricity meter. Please note that setups for long-term stays must meet specific minimum standards for neatness and appearance. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will provide you with a detailed quote.

Do you accept group bookings ?

Yes, we do accept group reservations! However, acceptance depends on the group size and the dates. This policy applies to both overnight and day visitors. Please note that group bookings will only be considered if they do not disturb our other overnight guests or visitors. If your group requires exclusive use of the resort, this can be arranged at a premium rate. Additionally, catering options are available for groups. To ensure availability and proper arrangements, please make group booking requests well in advance. Please contact us with your group details, and we will be happy to discuss the options.

Why Do You Have Minimum Stays Over Weekends, Long Weekends, and School Holidays ?

We have minimum stay requirements over weekends, long weekends, and school holidays to ensure that all our guests have the best possible experience. These periods are in high demand, and longer stays help us manage reservations more efficiently, allowing more families and groups to enjoy our facilities without frequent turnover. This policy also ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for all guests, reducing the hustle and bustle of frequent check-ins and check-outs. Additionally, to provide the best service and maintain affordability, we need to maximize the occupancy of our units. When guests book for only one night, it often leaves the unit unoccupied for the rest of the weekend. Minimum stays help us avoid this situation, ensuring that our units are available for guests who wish to enjoy a full weekend or holiday stay.

Privacy Policy and the POPI Act - POPI Notice and Consent

Can I ask if a specific guest is staying at the resort or request their contact details?

No, we cannot share any personal information about our guests or prospective guests, including whether a specific guest is currently staying at the resort or their contact details. Similarly, we cannot share contact details of our staff. By law, we are required to protect everyone's privacy and therefore cannot share this information.

What if I cannot get hold of a guest currently staying or possibly staying at your resort?

You can contact us at 073 489 1647, and without confirming or denying their stay, we will do our best to convey a message to them if this guest is on our system.
Upon registration, we request next of kin information from our guests and will do our utmost to contact the listed next of kin in case of an emergency.

How do you handle my personal information?

At Westvaal Resort, we understand that your personal information is important to you and that you may be apprehensive about disclosing it. Your privacy is important to us, and we are committed to safeguarding and processing your information in a lawful manner. We follow the strict rules set by the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act to ensure your information is safe.

Will my information be shared with anyone?

No, we do not share your personal information with anyone outside of Westvaal Resort. This even includes whether you have a reservation at our resort or not. Your information is completely private, as it should be.

How do your staff handle my information?

Our staff members are trained to follow the strict rules of the POPI Act. They take your privacy seriously and handle your information with care to keep it safe.

What if I have concerns about my information?

If for any reason you think that your information is not processed correctly, or that it is being used for a purpose other than what it was originally intended, you can contact our Information Officer. You can also request access to the information we hold about you at any time, and if you think we have outdated information, please request us to update or correct it.

How do I contact your Information Officer?

Our Information Officer’s Contact Details

Name: Charéne van der Westhuizen
Contact: 073 489 1647
E-mail: info@westvaalresort.co.za

Why do you process my information?

We collect, hold, use, and disclose your personal information mainly to provide you with access to the services that we offer. We will only process your information for a purpose you would reasonably expect, including:

  • To notify you of new developments that may be of interest to you.
  • To confirm, verify, and update your details.
  • To comply with any legal and regulatory requirements.

Some of the information we may hold about you includes your first and last name, identity number, e-mail address, home or postal address, and any other contact information required for the efficient management, administration and operations of our resort.


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