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Atruly unforgettable experience for a young animal-lover! What about our perfectly magical child’s first farm encounter?

This amazing experience gives kiddies, as well as their adults, the chance to feed and meet some of our much-loved farm animals.

Meet our furry friends

Children and adults alike love getting close to our animals and feeding them. All of our farm animals are friendly and love to be fed. You can purchase animal feed from our reception, and our staff will answer any questions you have on how to feed.  We do ask that you do not feed the animals any other food. Some human food can be toxic to animals.

Please note that, while we encourage children to interact and feed our farm animals, this does not apply to dangerous wild animals, like monkeys, which can also be found in abundance on the farm.  Although they can be very cute, they can become aggressive towards humans.  Please do not approach or feed them, as this might lead to them becoming dependent on humans, which will cost them their lives.   

Meet Lang-Oor, our friendly donkey.  This one year old jenny arrived at Westvaal in December 2020.  She loves her new camp, and is settling in well.  Her favourite foods are donkey mix, available at the shop, a slice or two of bread, apples and carrots.  She responds well to being called to the fence.  Just remember the secret call – Lang-Oor!

Our colourful chickens can be found wandering through-out the resort.  They love roaming free, so you might find them snoozing in a quiet corner, or even under your cabin at night.  They lay their eggs in the weirdest of places, and every now and again, we have new hatchlings appear – sometimes up to 17 at a time!  Please help us keep them safe – even the roosters who may crow at odd times in the early mornings…  They go a long way to lend towards the authentic farm atmosphere, and this is the only home they know.

So What's all the Fuss about?

Interact with new animals and learn their unique behaviors

Your kids may be used to interacting and petting the family dog or cat, but they may not have had the chance to really interact with farm animals like chickens or donkeys. Interacting with these animals allows them to learn about the unique behaviors of different species, how they socialize with one another, and the differences and similarities between them. For children, even just being near them can prove to be a fun learning experience: goats have weird looking eyes and donkeys have funny looking faces, and you had best believe your child will point these things out! In doing so, they’re learning observational skills.

Learn compassion and courage as they interact with farm animals.

As adults, we take for granted that we understand that goats aren’t going to try eat us whole and that, though fun, chasing chickens around is a mean thing to do. However, children have yet to have the experiences that can be the basis for a greater understanding of the world. By interacting with farm animals, your child will learn how to be gentle and caring with animals that are meek, like chickens. However, they will also learn to be brave when it comes to petting animals like donkeys, whose size can make them intimidating for small children.

Participate in a hands-on activity that involves almost all the senses

Interacting with farm animals will stimulate almost all your child’s senses as they see, touch, smell and hear the different farm animals. It’s one thing to know that a duck goes “quack”, but quite another to hear it in person! The sounds of the barnyard are certainly distinct. By petting the animals they can feel how soft a donkey’s nose can be and feel how strange it is when a goat licks your hand. Each and every interaction is unique. Don’t worry: we have hand sanitizer inside for when everyone has had enough fun!

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air

Whether you are on vacation, live in the area, or are just passing through, one thing remains constant: we’re all stuck indoors a whole bunch. Interacting with our animals, is a great way to get out and about with children. Whether you’re out in the cold or the heat, the animals will be there for you to see and interact with, helping take some of that pent-up energy children have and expend it so the adults can have some rest later.